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Yard Drainage


French Drains

Water Buildup

Proper yard drainage is an important aspect of keeping water out of your home and basement. If water is not properly directed away from your homes foundation or crawl space it can build up in the soil surrounding it. This moisture buildup leads to a buildup in what is called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can cause cracks in your foundation's walls and will eventually cause the walls to bow or water to seep in through cracks in the floor or walls. Our team of expert waterproofers has the knowledge and experience to help keep your basement dry. We install a variety of products including French drains and downspout extensions to help direct the water away from your home.

Signs Of Poor Water Drainage

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We have over 211 years of experience helping homeowners solve yard drainage and waterproofing issues. We have compiled a list of some of the warning signs of poor yard drainage below. Make sure to keep an eye out for any of these issues as it may cause further foundation issues if left unattended.

  • You have large puddles of water around your front or backyard after a heavy rain

  • There is water sitting on the foundation of your home after a heavy rain

  • There are large divots or deformations underneath your downspouts that retain water

  • The soil and grass around your home is often squishy or moist for long periods of time

  • Your have bowed or leaning basement walls

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Yard Grading and Downspout Extensions

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The process of installing proper yard drainage systems can often mean that the grading of your yard, or the angle that the yard slopes away from your home, needs to be adjusted. If the water around your home is not being properly directed away from your foundation the water can seep into the soil surrounding your foundation and cause foundation cracks and bowed walls. Often times yard grading is going to consist of the excavation of parts of your yard to achieve the proper grade. Another solution that can help with yard drainage is the installation of downspout extensions. These extensions are added to the original downspouts around your home and allow for the water to be directed further away from your home than the normal downspouts would allow.

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